The Choreography of Chance.
July 2016

I attended a workshop recently  with Inma Pavon as part of my ongoing investigation into movement research, which began three years ago and which has brought me to  Copenhagen ,London ,Brussels ,Galway, Limerick and now Cork, attending workshops on Body Weather, Butoh ands site specific Contemporary performance. In the same period I have attended a lot of performances and have observed a  lot of everyday life in my attempts to have a greater understanding of movement.

Inma’s workshop , using the elements of chance gave me an insight into how to develop a choreographic score , something which up to this had seemed like some kind of holy grail, as well as giving me the confidence to do it. I enjoyed the immediacy of the work, the pace, the fact that limiting your choices can ultimately lead to more choice. This was fun and enlivening and a wonderful way to develop solo work as well as ensemble work. I had somehow thought that until you are technically adept, you cannot create a choreographic score. And this was something I dreamed of to write a movement score. And although many workshops has allowed me to express and explore and have fun, I loved that this workshop gave me access to skills that could lead to the creation of work and the permission to perform.
Using elements of chance, like dice and random plays, cut up texts and numbers, it was fascinating to see what the participants came up with in their dance and movement.Wonderful wonderful devising.
Thank you for the introduction.