Artist Statement

Inma Pavon_a multidisciplinary artist and collaborator (visual artist/choreographer/teacher/art facilitator)

BA, Ma and MPhil

The core of my work explores durational practice and performance from two ongoing overlapping statuses: as a choreographer and as a performer. My body is the creative responsive backbone of my research. The research establishes an emphasis predominantly on process rather than result, therefore, allowing processes to remain as open-ended inquiries. The process is therefore receptive and risk-taking: it is a continuous conversation between the artist’s body and the practice.

My methodology is embedded in collaborative and multidisciplinary practice: live performances, art installations, film and photographic artworks.

Through the use of different methods, these practices and results tend to vary.

In each work there seems to be an interplay between wide-ranging aesthetic languages. This growing interplay is what draws me away from my original traditional dance training to a more holistic self-taught practice. I have adapted the former training to suit my own artistic ideas. This was caused by a constant personal urge to create.

Working with different mediums offers me the freedom to experiment openly, creatively and endlessly. The work is always evolving, it is never the same and therefore each piece falls under different, if not several, categories.

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